Welcome to AmbaCare Solutions

We are a Social Enterprise agency, promoting ‘whole’ well-being by linking health and housing. We provide expert guidance and practical solutions to help people who need support with their health, well-being or housing challenges to enable them to ‘live better’. Tackling inequality is at the heart of what we do.

What we do

AmbaCare Solutions is a Community Interest Company based in the West Midlands. We were set up in 2004 as Catalyst Plus, an arm’s length health enterprise agency sponsored by North Warwickshire PCT and the Community Division of the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust. In June 2015, CatalystPlus became AmbaCare Solutions CIC.

We are commissioned by the NHS, Housing Associations, Health and Social Care organisations to deliver projects which support early intervention to promote health & well-being supporting individuals and communities to take responsibility for their own health & well-being.

We recognise the uniqueness of each individual and tailor our solutions to acknowledge and address ‘differences’ in a positive way.

Undertaking research programmes to improve practice

Developing new solutions and delivery models

Extensive statutory, public and voluntary sector knowledge and experience

Strengthening local infrastructure, empowering individuals and communities

AmbaCare Solutions is a change agent, offering  exciting new ways of supporting individuals and communities by using a whole well-being approach that links health & well-being, social care, housing, regeneration and spirituality