Our Aims

To facilitate the development and implementation of housing, health and well-being solutions to address health inequalities in order to improve the overall health and wellbeing status of individuals and communities. Amba Care Solutions implements this through an asset-based approach, putting health and well-being firmly in the hands of individuals and communities by

  • being aware of the intrinsic link between health, housing and support in ensuring people‚Äôs physical and mental wellbeing
  • developing and implementing health and housing solutions which focus on health inequalities to improve the overall health and wellbeing of individuals and communities
  • facilitating individuals and communities to develop and sustain independence, health and wellbeing, particularly those with long term conditions, multiple health problems and those living with dementia and diabetes
  • encouraging an interest in social responsibility, reducing isolation and increasing the independence of vulnerable people and their informal carers
  • having ‘conversations’ with people and organisations which focus on their strengths and the opportunities available to them